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Above drawings and handlettering
by Vanessa Davis and Leela Corman

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from Tom Hart's students in New York City

Tom created a teaching environment that fostered open discussion, unbiased attitudes and a love for understanding how comics work and the kind of work we wanted to make.
-Jess Fink

You make comic stories, story telling so exciting and fun. I know I came to you with a crazy idea of writing a story. I don't think I'd have embarked on such an ambitious journey without your enthusiasm, boundless optimism, and most importantly, a belief in the story.
-Anna Kim

The way Tom teaches just electrifies my passion for making comics to an extent that I don't often experience.
-Hillary Allison

Tom’s approach to education and guidance offers sensitivity and candor in equal measure. He offers technical insight across genre boundaries, adapting his criteria to each student’s goals and aesthetic preferences.
- Dan Strauss

Tom picked me up from my rut, showed me what potential I had as an illustrator, and kicked my self-doubt’s ass six ways till sunday.
- Carlos Abdu

If you’re having a problem with your art or story, rather than spouting out answers at you, he’ll try to talk you through it and eventually draw a solution from you. This teaching style helped boost my artistic confidence and problem solving.
- Jon Mosley

Tom is a magical teacher and all-around great guy. He did not just help my brain understand how to create a good comic, but also opened my eyes to tons of great cartoonists, provided advice outside of class time, helped me find a thesis advisor, lent me fantastic books, etc. (the list goes on).
-Jess Worby

Low-Residency Option.

We will work with you online to reach your goals. With our optional Low-Residency Option, you can come to SAW in October to connect with other students, meet our faculty and reach your goals.

Our low-residency week will be October 15-19. We'll work online with you in critiques and discussion to help you reach your goals, and then come to SAW for one week to study with our faculty in a curriculum designed specifically for you and the other students.

John P Class
Tom Teach

Low -Residency Specifics:

$30/hr for our professional online critiques and personal guidance. You can choose to work with Tom Hart, Justine Mara Andersen or Leela Corman, or any combination at any time. Charges will apply to reading student work as well as active time spent critiquing, skyping, emailing, etc.

$200 for the Low-Residency week at SAW, which will be Monday October, 15 - Friday October 19, from 10-5 each day. The curriculum will consist of detailed workshopping and precise exercises designed to benefit our specific student body. Each of our three core instructors will guide at least one day's workshop, and we will bring in other artists and influencing mentors where needed.

A goals of the week include:

• Getting to know each other and each other's work. This includes faculty Tom Hart and Justine Mara Andersen as well. We'll show our previous work and show the projects we are currently in the middle of. 
• Sharing of goals with our particular projects.
• Critique and sharing of work-to-date
• Brief exercises to prepare next stage of work
• Lectures, exercises and instruction, mixed with ample work time
• Technical tutorials and exercises catered to the specific goals of the students
• Movie night
• Final sharing of work, goal reassessment and 
The week will mostly be conducted by Tom Hart with Justine Mara Andersen and will feature at least one guest lecture/critique/ tutorial by Unterzakhn creator Leela Corman.

A rough outline of the week:

MONDAY- Intros and Project Building with Tom Hart and Justine Mara Andersen
TUESDAY - Further exploration of our projects. Lectures and exercises led by Tom Hart
WEDNESDAY - Drawing exercise and tutorials by Justine Mara Andersen. Movie night after hours.
THURSDAY - Guest lecture and exercise by Unterzakhn creator Leela Corman. Work time led by Tom Hart
FRIDAY - Work time and final critique and goal setting with Justine Mara Andersen and Tom Hart

Sign up here:

Or for more details, email us at

Important information about HOUSING:

Price does not include housing.

We will make every effort to house the participants in informal and empty rooms in friendly houses in the Gainesville area. If there is a charge, it will fall on the student. We will make every effort to keep this under $50 for the week. Most houses will be walking distance from SAW, but some may need bikes. We will try to accomodate this too. We will post more info as soon as we know, and email all participants personally with assistance in finding places to stay.

For those interested, we also recommend the Gainesville Zen Hostel, here.

Interested in the Spring Workshops with Ron Rege or John Porcellino?
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News and upcoming classes:

Single Session Intro to Comics Workshop, Sunday August 26, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm
It's All in the Details Single Session Workshop, Sunday September 9, 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Professional Inking and Drawing Techniques with Justine Mara Andersen, 6 Wednesdays, Sept 12 - October 17.
Graphic Novel Memoir Class, 7 Tuesdays, September 11 - October 23 with Tom Hart

Teen Classes at The Doris Center on Saturdays with Sally Cantirino

ArtWalk Events and Book release parties:

August - Faculty and Student show. We'll show some of the best adult work from our first 7 months of classes, plus show off our faculty some.

View our events and class calendar here



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Our Faculty

Tom Hart
Founder and Executive Director

Tom Hart

Tom Hart is the creator of the Hutch Owen series of graphic novels and books, and has been a core instructor at New York City's School of Visual Arts for 10 years, teaching cartooning to undergraduates,working adults and teens alike. Among his students were Dash Shaw, Sarah Glidden Box Brown and other published cartoonists like Leslie Stein, Jessica Fink, Nicole Virella, Tintin Pantoja, Yali Lin, Josh Bayer, Brendan Leach and many others. His own work has been nominated for all the major industry awards; his The Collected Hutch Owen was nominated for best graphic novel in 2000. He was an early recipient of a Xeric Grant for self-publishing cartoonists, and has been on many best-of lists in the Comics Journal and other comix publications. He has been called "One of the great underrated cartoonists of our time" by Eddie Campbell and "One of my favorite cartoonists of the decade" by Scott McCloud. His daily Hutch Owen comic strip ran for 2 years in newspapers in New York and Boston, and his "Ali's House", co-created with Margo Dabaie was picked up by King Features Syndicate. He has taught comix and sequential art at schools and institutions all around New York City for 10 years, and has conducted week-long workshops from Maine to Hawaii. In addition to constant comix practice and work, he has studied drama, acting and improvisation in New York and sees creating the Sequential Artists Workshop as the next step of his teaching and learning career. His next book will be Daddy Lightning, in March 2012 from Retrofit, and Let's Get Furious, a 380-page new Hutch Owen collection, also in March 2012, from Top Shelf.

Tom Hart's website
Mid-career critical analysis in The Comics Journal
Student Testimonials

photo by Seth Kushner


Justine Mara Andersen

Justine Mara Andersen was mentored by and learned from top names in the industry, including such luminaries as P. Craig Russell (Elric, Sandman), Val Mayerik (Punisher, Conan), Frank Thorne (Red Sonja), John Workman, Jim Steranko and Jeffrey Catherine Jones, but struck out on her own to create her long-running series Mara, Celtic Shamaness for Fantagraphics as well as working as an inker and illustrator for DC Comics, Image Comics, Wizards of the Coast (D&D, etc.), Lucasfilms and other clients.

See more of her work here:


Leela Corman
Leela Corman

Leela Corman studied painting, printmaking and illustration at Massachuesettes College of Art and is the author of three graphic novels. Her newest book t Unterzakhn, published by Schocken/Pantheon, has garnerd rave reviews in The New York Times, Kirkus, Publishers Weekly and other places. Her first, Queen's Day earned her a Xeric Award in 1999 and was called "Music to my eyes" by Scott McCloud. In her successful illustration career, she has illustrated books for major publishers on crafts, fashion, gardening, dating and other topics. She is also an accomplished bellydancer and bellydance instructor. Her website is


Carrie Guss
Carrie Guss

Writing teacher Carrie Guss currently teaches undergraduate creative writing at the University of Florida, and is finishing up her MFA in Fiction. She has a degree in Politics and Media Studies from Pomona College, where she studied creative nonfiction under David Foster Wallace. She is working on a collection of short stories.

She also has an IMDB page for her role as "Zombie Queen" in 2009's The Hell Patrol.

Carrie Guss' website


Dan Stepp
Dan Stepp

Daniel Stepp received his M.F.A. in painting from the New York Academy of Art.

He has exhibited in Florida, New York, Canada, and around the U.S. His paintings have been described as American genre. Subjects that his paintings explore are: tools and technology, gender roles in labor, corporate branding, and the transference of myth and archetype onto genre activities.

His comic-book series, Humungous Man, humorously playing with myth and archetype, was published by Alternative Comics from 1995-1997.

Interview with Dan Stepp
Dan Stepp's website


Supporting and visiting faculty to be announced.


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