We're proud of our alumni!



Our first student, Sally Cantirino, https://srcantirino.carbonmade.com/ is doing lots of great work these days, including plenty of commercial gigs.

Eric Taylor, does in-depth, serious short storiesand has placed in online contests like Comics Workbook too: http://southsprings.tumblr.com/

Adrian Pijoan has just become a MFA in art&ecology:  http://adrianpijoan.net/ what a nut

Mike King was there for a few months but left early. He became quite famous and left us a nice testimonial, on our testimonial page. http://pleasekeepwarm.com/

Anna Mack is now a professional tattoo artist at Death or Glory in Gainesville.


We <3 Bjorn Miner: http://swamptitan.tumblr.com/

Chance Miller is not big on social media but we love him too: https://www.artstation.com/artist/chancemiller

Hey Christopher Green, send us more comics! http://mumblethief.tumblr.com/


Miranda Harmon: http://www.mirandaharmon.com/

Cara Bean: http://www.carabeancomics.com/

Michelle Tabares: http://vonwigglebottom.tumblr.com/

Miguel Yuritta: https://www.instagram.com/notmiguelyurrita/


Roxanne Palmer: http://roxydrew.tumblr.com/

Maxine W: http://maxine-esque.tumblr.com/

Liz Rosema: http://the-toast.net/tag/liz-rosema/

Our faculty:

Tom Hart: http://www.tomhart.net/

Justine Andersen:  https://barefootjustine.com/galleries/2-illustration/

Leela Corman: http://www.leelacorman.com/

Jess Ruliffson: http://jessruliffson.com/