At SAW, we believe in accountability to those we serve.

In late 2017, we transitioned to a board of directors made primarily of current and former students.  

Our student governing board is involved with all decisions in the school, including teaching artists, school location, and created the SAW codes of conduct.

Code of Conduct

SAW aims to create a welcoming, inclusive learning environment that fosters artistic growth and exploration, a community created by students and teachers together. This Code of Conduct describes the behaviors and boundaries we expect all teachers at SAW to maintain, to ensure our community is healthy and strong. 

At SAW, students and teachers should be able to work and learn together, to have friendships, and be candid with one another. Our students tell us that working closely with teachers is one of the best things about their SAW experience. These interactions help students gain confidence and make better comics. Teachers are responsible for maintaining a positive classroom environment and conducting appropriate relationships with students.  

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors:

Zannah Marsh, veteran of over 6 week-long workshops. Zannah works in online development 

Deanna Zandt, social media professional, and veteran of over 5 week-long workshops

Roxanne Palmer, SAW class of 2015

Maxine Worthy, SAW class of 2015

Lisa Klug, SAW class of 2016

Margaret Tolbert, MFA, professional painter. veteran of 4 week-long workshops and evening classes

Nancy Hunt, PhD, Department of History, Department of  African Studies, University of Florida

Erin Curry, MFA, professional sculptor, instructor at University of Florida