Get Creative focus at SAW's Week-Long Workshops

Spend a week honing your craft at SAW’s week long workshops, either with SAW’s experienced full-time faculty during one of our Low-Residency Workshops, or with acclaimed guest teachers at our Visiting Artist Workshops. 


Week Long Workshops

Visiting Artists Workshops


Visiting artists workshops

I feel so incredibly blessed to have had this John Porcellino workshop and SAW experience/community and to have met my classmates/new friends. This past week has been a life-changing experience for me.
— Jenny, Seattle, WA

At our Visiting Artists workshops, comics luminaries share their techniques, inspiration, and creative processes-- and help you adapt these teachings to your own practice. Course material is planned by the Visiting Artist-- you might explore how to develop a compelling story arc, practice writing believable dialog, or learn a trick for drawing perfect panel borders. These intimate workshops are unique opportunity to learn comics from some of today’s most exciting artists. And you’ll join a pop-up comics community of student cartoonists with wildly diverse interests, visual styles, and stories to tell.  

SAW’s past visiting artists were Ron Regé, Aidan Koch, and John Porcellino. This year’s visiting artist is Julia Gfrörer. Join us at one of these workshops, and take a peek into the mind of your favorite comics creator! You won’t be disappointed.


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