We opened our doors in January 2012 and we have accomplished so much, teaching comics to scores of students, opening our doors for a dozen or more art shows to hundreds of visitors, and partnered with more and more artists and organizations, all supporting our mission of nurturing and educating sequential artists and promoting sequential art and sequential art literacy in our culture Feel free to scroll through our pictures on Facebook or Flickr.


  • Published Seriously Comics and Isra, two single-issue newspapers in advance of SAW official Florida opening.
  • Promoted via the internet and traveling to shows. Held/promoted two free comics-readings in New York City.
  • Solicited donations through Fractured Atlas, our Fiscal Sponsor.

SAWspace3 January 2012 Grand opening Derek Ballard show 3

  • Opened up school/gallery space in Gainesville, FL. Space is located at 435 SE Main St, Suite #2, Gainesville, FL 32601
  • Held first adult classes through February 2012. These classes ran for 2 ½ hours on Thursday evenings for 5 weeks and were taught by Executive Director Tom Hart.  All subsequent classes are taught by Tom Hart unless otherwise noted.
  • Partnered with The Doris Arts Center in Gainesville, FL to run sequential arts classes for teenagers, taught by Tom Hart.
  • Held an art show/book release party for local sequential artist Derek Ballard. This event and all events funded by donations and remain free to the public unless otherwise mentioned.
  • Began informal partnership with E-Line Media through to develop curricula for online web portal potentially serving veterans and service-members. This partnership is informal. Executive Director Tom Hart is developing curricula to be utilized by online web-portal and to eventually be featured as part of the SAW curriculum.


February 2012 At the Tom Galambos Show Opening

  • Held art show for printmaker and sequential artist Caroline Paquita.
  • Held art show for Rochester, NY sequential artist Tom Galambos
  • Won a $500 grant from Satchel’s Pizza in Gainesville, FL for studio furniture. Satchel’s is a community organization dedicated supporting to the local community.

The Caroline Paquita art opening March 2012

  • Held intensive Political Cartooning Mentoring/Summit with Tim Kreider and Majed Badra
  • Held intensive week-long workshop with guest instructor John Porcellino. This was a week-long class. Students were taught from 10-6 every day, Monday- Friday. The final day culminated in a an event showcasing the students’ artwork.
  • Held show of artwork produced during John Porcellino workshop
  • Held show/book release for local artist Andre Frattino
  • Showcased at the Harn Museuem, Gainesville, FL for their Arts Organizations evening.
  • Held show/book release party for local artist and faculty member Leela Corman
  • Announced our year-long series of classes beginning in August 2012.

At the Andre Frattino Launch, March 2012 From the John P Workshop April 2012

  • Began second series of adult classes in sequential art.
  • Held second round of beginner series of adult sequential art classes
  • Partnered again with Doris Arts Center in Gainesville, FL to run sequential arts classes for teenagers.
  • Held first pre-teen class in comics and sequential art, 5 weeks.
  • Partnered with University of Florida to provide workshop for their Comics Image/Text Symposium
  • Held show/book release party for Womanthology, a large-scale anthology of female sequential artists.
  • Offered single-night drawing services to American Cancer Society Benefit in Alachua, FL

Adult class in full swing

May 2012

  • Held talk/show of image/text artist UF alum Krissy Wilson
  • Held first Professional Inking and Drawing Class for Sequential Art taught by Justine Mara Andersen.
  • Announced Summer 2012 teen intensive, June 18-June 29
  • Held gallery show for Boston narrative artist Corazon Higgins.

Krissy Wilson Audio Transcription Beta June 2012

  • Host monthly sequential art shows and run continuous evening and teen classes
  • Held two-week Teen Intensive Class, culminating in...
  • Monthly art show: Teen Intensive Show

July 2012

  • Host monthly sequential art shows and run continuous evening and teen classes
  • Monthly art show: Justine Mara Andersen

August 2012

  • Ran continuous adult evening classes,
  • Offered occasional free movies
  • Began our year-long program
  • Hosted WW3 co-editor Hilary Alison, and cartoonist Ian Bertram, providing workspace and support
  • Held a SAW student art show

Student Life Sept 2012

  • Trained docents at Florida Museum of Natural History for upcoming Peanuts show
  • Sponsored two micro-grants, awarding $300 to two artists, Julia Gfrorer and Jess Ruliffson.
  • Gave a free workshop at SPX, the Small Press Expo, in Bethesda, Maryland


Presenting Check to Jess Ruliffson

October 2012

  • Hosted a 24-hour comic event, Oct 20
  • At least two free workshops for Gainesville residents: Drawing Fabric and Drapery and Intro to Comics.
  • Offer our first week-long low-residency workshop, for visiting students to work on longer projects with instruction from SAW faculty
  • Hosted cartoonists Megan Kelso, Gabby Gamboa, Lark Pien, SAW Grantee Jess Ruliffsson.
  • Speak at the Atlantic Center for the Arts Graphic Novel intensive in Florida

Megan Kelso and a doodle of cartoonists

Nov-Dec 2012

  • Offered our first children’s class for ages 7-10
  • Hosted free show (with musical accompaniment) of artwork from The Carter Family, by David Lasky and Frank Young, hosted the artists from Seattle over Skype for free to attendees.


Jan-March 2013

  • Continue our full-year classes.
  • Co-sponsored SwampCon in a City of Gainesville Tourism Grant.
  • Assisted UF English Department in their annual comics conference; gave free workshop to attendees.
  • Gave free workshop to UF Students at Reitz Union
  • Printed fundraiser booklet by Gil Murray, local artist, hosted free artshow for Murray.
  • Hosted week long workshops by John Porcellino from Chicago; and Ron Rege from Los Angeles.


April 2013

  • Hosted SAW Sketch Night fundraiser, a night of performance and drawing at Acrosstown Repertory Theater.
  • Graduated our first class of single-year students with free show of their artwork


May-August 2013

  • Offered our second low-residency workshop for visiting artists. Offered at sliding scale.
  • Intensive two-week summer workshop for teens
  • Hosted Pat Aulisio, Josh Bayer and Box Brown for a three-day free workshop for the community. Included artshow of student and instructor work.
  • Hosted talk/discussion with Elif Ackali, Sarah Glidden and Fran Lopez, on international art.
  • Offered single-day sliding scale workshop by Executive Director Tom Hart for community members.
  • Held free artshow for Kurt Wolfgang, local artist. Hosted him in a Friday talk.
  • Sponsored/co-hosted free talk and presentation by Billy Simms at Sweetwater Print Collective.


Sept-Dec  2013

  • Began our second year of single-year classes. Hosted artshow of incoming students.
  • Received our 501(c)(3) status
  • Hosted free 24-hour comic day
  • Received a $1500 grant from the Eisner Foundation
  • Hosted Rich Tomasso, T. Edward Bak, Marc Arsenault and other visiting artists for talks. Coordinated with the Alachua County Library for talks with Tomasso and Bak.


Jan-March 2014

  • Continue our full-year classes.
  • Hosting Gabrielle Bell, Dash Shaw and other visiting artists for week-long workshops.
  • Worked with FLA Gallery to present free show of Shaw’s work
  • Working with Gallery Protocol to host a large-scale free sequential art show, Feb-March 2014


April 2014

  • We intend to
  • Complete our full-year classes.
  • Host Carol Tyler and assist UF in their annual comic conference