Some further administrative information for attendees of the SAW 2019-2020 Single-Year Program.


Semesters are 14 weeks long. We time our calendar to the University of Florida calendar to facilitate housing for everyone. The first day of the fall semester is a Monday around August 20, ending on a Friday in mid-December. We take a week off in October and time off for Thanksgiving. View more on our calendar, here:

Our spring 2018 semester will begin 2nd week January and end the last week of April. We take one weeks off in March for spring break and visiting artist workshops (separate from the SAW curriculum.)

Class Schedule

We are offering 4 classes in our core curriculum and several optional classes.

The full curriculum is CURRENTLY as follows (times subject to change): CORE CLASSES ARE IN BOLD. Optional classes are in italics and are subject to change.

potential schedule

MONDAY 11 am - 2 pm

Sequential Art Studio

 with Tom Hart

TUESDAY 6:30-8:30 PM

Comics History

with John Ronan

WEDNESDAY 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Traditional Drawing

 with Justine Andersen or possibly Sidney Davidson


No classes

FRIDAY 11:00 AM-2:00 PM

Mix Day,

Visiting Artists, Single Workshops, etc.

  • ** Fridays: Mixed class 11am - 1 or 2 pm, featuring per semester: Figure Drawing with Leela Corman (2-3 sessions per semester), Physicality and Performance Theory and Practice for Narrative (2-3 Workshops, with Sheila Bishop per semester), Reading the Graphic Novel / Comics Documentaries (3-5 sessions, every other week, with Tom Hart per semester) and Guest Artists/Guest Lecturing (2-3 sessions per semester). Fridays are always subject to change.

Student Handbook

We have a student handbook, which is always changing a little, but you can get a preview here:


We will schedule a casual meet-and-greet orientation in mid-August.


Payment in full is due one week before the beginning of each semester. Checks should be made to The Sequential Artists Workshop. If you wish to pay via PAYPAL please add an additional 3%. Pro-rated refunds are available during the first two weeks of class. No refunds will be given after the 2nd Friday of classes.

For those needing assistance in scheduling a payment plan, etc., email


Gainesville is a major university town and as such, very friendly to students. You should have no trouble finding suitable housing in Gainesville. Almost any house or apartment you find will be within biking distance of SAW which is a few blocks from the main intersection of University and Main. Try this Craigslist link: or other services to find roommates or an apartment.

This Craigslist post has roommate listings:  Keep in mind SAW is on SOUTH MAIN ST at SE 5th AVENUE. We don't recommend being more than a mile away; less if you can swing it.


And, of course, there is a crazy amount of apartments on craigslist right now. APARTMENTS:



The SAW FB Group can help each other find housing, etc.

This FACEBOOK Group has young people in Gainesville looking for apartments, rooming situations, etc.

This one is specifically queer-friendly:

Note: The UF schedule means that houses and apartments rent from August 1 to July 31. Look before then. Prospective students will have access to the school Wiki page where students can discuss and collaborate on finding housing.

International Students

Since SAW is an informal, unaccredited school, we are not able to offer student visas.  However, we have had many international students so far. Advice from Ceili Braidwood and Javed Imthiaz who have graciously put this together the following:

"If you're looking to get a visa, then the one I would recommend is the tourist visa. This leaves you time to work on the course materials and attend classes and should give you relative freedom to do what you like. The only downside is that you need to be relatively well funded in order to persuade the embassy to issue you one for the length of time you need..."

"What seemed to have worked for me is that I had a clear and true intention: go to SAW and study comics, which the embassy officials, thankfully, understood. A supporting letter from SAW helped.

"Of course, I had to go through rounds of questioning even after arriving in a US airport. That's because, even if they issue you a visa, it does not guarantee entry or a fixed period of stay in the US. Both of these are decided upon by the officials at your port of entry.

"It also helps to be very clear that you are going back after attending the workshop -- carry a return ticket. "

We have written many letters of invitation for students and are happy to do so. Email us if you have additional questions.


What follows is last year's supply list. It is subject to change.

MAP TO SAW. Our two locations are two blocks apart, so this map shows the main one.

We’re compiling a list of necessary art supplies, as well as reading supplies. Some reading supplies will be handed out as photocopies, and some you will be required to pick up via the library, a book sale, the internet, etc. More info below.

For art supplies, our local art store, Central Florida Office Plus (CFOP) just closed. Long live CFOP. We are working with other stores to carry items we may need.


Tom’s projects class will require a small pocket sized notebook. As well as any usual comics supplies such as Bristol Board at least 14×17 in size, and pens, inks, brushes, pencils, etc. You should be familiar with Scott McCloud’s 

Understanding Comics,

though other readings will be assigned.


In John Ronan’s history class you will be given most of the materials in digital form. Thus you will be required to own at least one USB drive and to have enough space on it to take next week’s reading homework with you. Some readings of Kunzle, Harvey and other history books can be done in the SAW library.


Justine’s class will require the following:

  • Windsor Newton Series 7 #2 brush (or, God forbid, a lower budget

  • equivalent) and also an assortment of cro-quill pens

  • India ink (Make sure your india ink is PERMANENT and WATERPROOF)

  • Bristol, at least 14×17 in size.

  • pencils and erasers

  • cheap brush and white gouache

  • sketch pad

Required books include :


Life Drawing




Bridgman’s Constructive Anatomy


Fridays are our grabbag day, with figure drawing, media studies and graphic novel reading.

Figure drawing

 will require a pad of non-newsprint paper at least 19×24, and vine charcoal an old brush and india ink. (There will probably be no figure drawing in the first semester due to Leela's maternity leave, but expect some in the second semester...)

Other materials (pens, brushes etc) may be provided at SAW.

Media Studies: 

Materials will be provided for in-class demos. Further investigation of materials will require the student to retrieve his or her own materials. This may include watercolor, gouache, book binding supplies, etc. More info as that arises.

Graphic Novel in semester one reading list (will be posted soon, subject to change.)

There is at least one copy of each of these books at SAW available for lending, and many are also available at the Alachua County Library Headquarters a few blocks away.

Copies of short stories will be handed out in photocopy form.