Fumetti Photo Shoot

Directing the photo shootWe spent the last afternoon of the NYC HEATWAVE shooting our fumetti in Prospect Park. The heat caused us to reschedule from 2pm to 6pm, causing us to lose hours of light. We shot the last scenes in a pizza parlor where our underaged extras partook in a well-deserved beer. The plot involves two characters created by Jason Little, chasing after one Stacey Nightmare , whose twitter feed is about the best thing on the web. Rifle makingOur extras, Li-or Zaltzman and her brother Michael, played both cops and hippies, as did photographer Hilary Allison and Co-Writer/Schemer Stephanie Mannheim. I directed and I think I played a hippie once. Piecing this thing together soon for SPX, inspired by Punk Magazine, especially Mutant Monster Beach Party , Weirdo magazine, Harvey Kurtzman and also Mexican fotonovelas brought to our attention by Matt Madden.   Preparing for the photoshoot Stacey and Jason's 1920 guy Stacey NIghtmare Here's a rough draft of the first two pages:

Fumetti Page 1 rough draft Fumetti Page 2 rough draft