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Every week there is a new article about how higher education isn't serving people. It's too expensive, it's too-job oriented, it's not job-oriented enough!

Well, we started the school that would teach people how to be artists. We would teach them how to use their talents, how to improve their skills, how to open their eyes, and how to think critically about the world around them. How to communicate.

We teach people how to become people.  That's what school is supposed to do.

And we do it at the most affordable price point so we can to allow everyone in. We've never turned away anyone who couldn't pay.

We've never turned away anyone who said "This is who I am meant to become."

And that's where YOU come in! We could use your help. We are busy serving the students who find their way here.Your support helps us serve them. 

Our budget is small, our tasks are lofty:

  • Keep people educating people.

  • Keep people's stories front and center.

  • Train people to listen and to communicate.

  • Honor creativity as a way to counter the forces which work to diminish us.

  • Create and foster community in real space where people can uplift and empower each other. 

Our GOALS are also small, but lofty:

  • Better, more stable and flexible teaching space

  • Keep students in need (artistic, emotional, financial, whatever! We're all in need) coming in

  • Pay the executive director who is at his wit's end!

  • Keep the wolves at bay...

Non-colonized learning

  • For 6 years, we have been an outpost of non-institutional, non-colonized, non-corporatized learning. Our first priority has always been the students, and we'll show you the financials to prove it. 

  • We don't teach like a big diploma factory. 

  • Our students learn from practitioners who have worked and struggled, who are utterly transparent about the issues that lie ahead for the young artist. We have all struggled, but chosen the life of freedom, of art, and of communion through art and comics. We teach how to keep yourself on that path. 

Thank you to all of you!

Executive Director

Support us on  Patreon

Support us on Patreon


Everyone, every story is welcome at SAW. Anyone can come and learn. We make sure all our classes are cheap—our Year Long Comics Intensive is 1/10 the cost of a traditional art school—and we offer sliding scale and exchange-for-work options. We also aim to pay our teaching artists a living wage provide a comfortable, safe, accessible facilities for students.

To survive and thrive, our community-based, upstart art school needs help from comics lovers, fans of inde education, and generous souls like YOU. Please donate—your gift will help fund...

  • cheap classes for teens in need

  • scholarships for women and people of color

  • risograph repairs and printing costs for student work

  • community events and exhibitions

  • visiting artists workshops and much, much more…

Click here to make a one-time donation. To volunteer with SAW, donate books, supplies or other resources, or to make a major gift, please contact: