How to Make Comics Workshop at SAW, Saturday September 28!

Have you ever wanted to make a comic, but didn't know where to start? Are you an omnivorous artist that wants to try out new ideas? This workshop is for you! Jess Ruliffson will guide you through the process of idea-making, sketching layouts, and show a few inking techniques. By the end of the class, students will have inked their own one-page comic, and collaborated with attendees on an eight-panel mini-zine to take home!

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2018-2019 Year-End Wrap-Up!

Thank you students, I heard so much love and gratitude and bonding and confidence. 

Olivia says "This is first year of school where I'm going to miss everyone rather than just saying 'see you later'" and Emma told us she literally called home after orientation crying, not sure what she got herself into (she remembers what the place looked like a year ago!), and now we're hiring her, because she loves the place and we love what she has helped us become.

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