Great work from past students!

Hard to keep track of all the great work from my past students, but a few (many are CCS grads for whom I thesis-advised) have crossed my path the past day or two: Melissa Mendes won a Xeric to publish FREDDY STORIES and it's wonderful. This book is elusive, charming, and odd, like childhood. Go here:

The crazy and brilliant Betsey Swardlick wrote a book Colleen Frakes is illustrated and it's coming out from Retrofit in a few weeks: . I know nothing about that book except that if Betsey wrote it, it's going to be energetic, weird, perfectly timed and very very funny.

Maggie Siegel-Berele is illustrating a memoir and it's Maggie's best work yet, by one of my most talented students:

I don't know what Penina Gal is up to recently except she's moved to Indiana : . I know the troubles up and moving can bring, so wish her luck. Penina, send scans when you can!

My students have been keeping in touch with minis and emails as I make this move to Florida. Keep the cards and emails coming, students, thank you and I miss you!