Unterzakhn in Progress

Leela has been hard at work finishing Unterzakhn since we relocated to Gainesville. She's been busy with productions, adding tones, rewrites, re-draws and I've been editing, compiling, serving as Walter Murch to her Francis Ford Coppola. This is an accurate analogy. Leela has approached this project very organically, with high degrees of "rehearsal" and improvisation of scenes, until they've been right. Some scenes from years ago have been rewritten, and others have been cut. This is writing from the inside-out, trying to learn what the characters have to say, who they are, as you work with them. It's different from the make-an-outline and compose-the-book model where everything is figured out ahead of time. This is a messy, but a rich, rewarding process.

Here's a look at some recent pages, some cuts, and some rewrites. This page sketched recently to patch a couple portions of story together, later became this: which was then cut out all together. Here's another great page that didn't make it:

You want to know what happened to Mrs. Gold? So do these people, at NYCC.

You can see more pics of the Unterzakhn underwear being shared and enjoyed at NYCC at the Pantheon Facebook Page

Cover in progress

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