Thanks from Leela and Tom

Dear supporters and curious readers, We want to thank you for all of your support - your words, cards, notes, and sometimes food and always your love- during this painful time. As many of you know, Leela and I lost our precious, amazing, awe-inspiring, life-giving daughter, Rosalie Lightning Corman Hart, earlier this month. We are bereft and devastated.

We plan on spending most of December visiting loved ones and healing from this tragedy, though this will certainly takes years if it ever fully can happen at all.

We take SAW very seriously, and are eager to continue the school along the generative path that it is on. We've gotten great applications for our fall 2012 single year program and a number of enrollees for our John Porcellino workshop in March 2012. We're beginning a brief adult class in January. We are committed to keeping all of these things going.

To attendees and applicants, please be patient and feel free to send us questions if you like. Rest assured your needs are on our minds as well.

Maybe there will be a little radio silence through December, maybe not. Keep checking back and please spread the word about our very special school, which is dedicated to creating a great place for great work, and dedicated to making students into artists and to making artists thrive.

-Tom Hart@SAW