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Once again from the The World Encyclopedia of Cartoons from which this came:

ALBERTO HUICI (1929-?) exhibited a love from drawing at an early age, and he sold his first cartoon in 1945, while still going to school. From then on he worked as a freelancer, contributing a number of cartoons to various Mexican newspapers and publications.

“In 1952 Huici went to Los Angeles and tried to break into the U.S. market. While submitting cartoons to various magazines (most of which sent back rejection slips), he worked as gas station attendant, dishwasher, and garbage collector in order to support himself. Coming to New York in 1954, Huici again was turned down more often than not, and he went back to Mexico City the following year. With the experience he had acquired in the United States, he soon rose to the top of his profession, having gag cartoons regularly published in the magazine Ja-Ja, and his political cartoons distributed by Editorial Excelsior. He also occasionally contributes cartoons to Los Angeles and New York publications.

“Huici's style is simple, almost stark, with weird characters cavorting in strange surroundings. His humor is mostly visual, and he uses captions sparingly. His cartoons have earned awards in the United States, Europe, and Central and South America, as well as in his native Mexico.” Rube Goldberg's I'm The Guy Ted Key, This Week Walt Kuhn in 1903. Kukrynisky, 1942