A Day in the Life of SAW

Been using SAW as a studio, teaching space, comics resource library. Each day is filled with visitors, conversation as well as great work time. Some recent scenes:

Sculptor Erin Curry comes in with a home made kite, the size and shape of a mardi-gras mask.

I showed Erin some Lumakick by Richard Hahn and also a series of books by Warren Craghead. I love showing new work to people. One of the best perks of teaching in a well-stocked school: pulling books and examples off the shelves.

Then she loaned me some books on kites. Do you people have any idea how amazing the world of kites is?? I thought not. And Google won't help- just a trip to Italy, Berlin or apparently, Burning Man will do it.

Anyhow, other visitors might include my neighbor Orlando, who suggests I help translate Condorito for kids in the US. Not sure that will work (not unless Condorito can morph into more powerful Condors to do battle with other Condors in the official Condor Arena.), but we've had good conversations about different types of humor in comics and theater nonetheless.

And here's Anna, working to sell some Silver Age comics as backstock, but also secretly planning her next brilliant roommate comic.
Caroline Paquita stopped by to take down her show, and to draw on our funding poster, that's Majed and Anna watching on.

Then if it's a class night, we get to work on looking at artwork, and pulling ideas and techniques from our examples. This was an adult inking class.