Tom Hart interviewed at The Comics Reporter

Tom Spurgeon interviewed me in Decemeber for his end of the year series of interviews.

Here's a sample:

SPURGEON: "You mentioned earlier your own development as a cartoonist, and then kind of referenced that just now. I wonder if you could talk about where you think you are. I always think of you as a cartoonist that's worked out of a specific set of values for your work, not just technical ones but across the board. Has moving to a quieter and calmer place helped?"

HART: "This may sound ostentatious, but despite the political overtones of the Hutch Owen work and some other stuff, all of it, all of it, has been about celebrating freedom. Especially the Hutch Owen work has been about that. Trying to allow people to be free to actualize themselves, express themselves. That's exactly what I'm doing at this school. And it's exactly what I'm trying to do in learning the real techniques of cartooning a little better. The more I learn, the greater my ability to free myself while I'm working."

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Since there wasn't a picture anywhere, I'm including this one from the Fantagraphics blog

Thanks Tom!