Why you should study at SAW

Why you should study at SAW: SAW is a place like no other in the American comics world right now.

An intensive, informal school; a fully functioning two-leveled studio; a stocked library of inspiration, reference and history; a risograph printing station; and first-rate instructors full of knowledge, talent, experience and generosity of spirit.


SAW Panorama Crop

At SAW we teach more than comics and graphic novels and more than just drawing and writing. SAW is a place where you can come for a week or a year and forge your personal creative path in visual storytelling.

Our students in 2012-2013 made hundreds of pages of story and artwork, co-curated more than a dozen art shows, collaborated with dramatists and comedians to create original theater, printed and bound thousands of copies of books, attended festivals; worked for clients; and learned in close proximity from our staff of working artists.


We've taught established creators stuck and needing to push their work to the next level, post-college adults looking to continue their education, college-age students wanting to focus on art before springboarding into a full-fledged BFA, artistic adults who have dabbled in comics wanting to study and practice the form more

SAW is a school for differing personalities and artists temperaments. We strive to find the stories and art inside you that are trying to come out. We have taught comics to art students, english teachers, truck drivers, museum guards, fine arts students, scriptwriters, graphic designers (lots of those), etc. In short, if you have passion and dedication to learning sequential art, then one of our SAW programs is for you.

“I’d say I left SAW feeling like I got so much more than I expected or understood I would get. I got a deep, personally catered fine art education in the fundamentals that can push my own work and style forward.”  -  Jared Cullum, week-long participant.

Your school and curriculum are fantastic…I honestly feel far more capable of writing something worth reading after a few classes … Also, Justine being so harsh is perfect. She actually teaches and builds on ideas. – Mike King, Philladelphia

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