Review of SAW minis at TCJ

Thanks to Rob Clough for giving some of our students work a close lookin' at. Here's the final, summary paragraph: The sense I get from SAW’s first year is that Hart’s aim was to create a collaboration and dialogue with his students, rather than create a rigid differentiation between the teacher and his pupils. With a tiny faculty and a small class size, SAW seems like a remarkably intimate learning environment. Such a school demands a lot from both students and faculty, creating an environment where everyone is held accountable if they wish to continue to be part of the program. I imagine Hart calls upon his years of teaching in a more rigidly defined environment, but at the same time, I imagine he and the students are making up rules as they go along. I’ll be curious to see which of these students decides to sign up for another year and how their work evolves from here. 

The review continues here.