What you helped us achieve in 2014


I want to thank you for all you’ve achieved by donating to The Sequential Artists Workshop. In 2014,we graduated our second class of full-time college-level students and welcomed our third, and biggest class. That third class has 10 students, 7 of whom are women. We teamed with a local gallery and hosted a major comics show, Abstraction in Sequential Art, and hosted two visiting artists for week-long workshops. We hosted three artists for single-day or two visits.

A more in depth look at what your participation helped us achieve in 2014:

February 2014

Untitled In 2014, we hosted two visiting artists for week-long workshops. The first, Dash Shaw, is the creator of critically lauded graphic novels such as Bottomless Belly Button, Bodyworld and New School. He came to SAW to teach for a week to more than 10 students and gave a free showing of animation and movies. Images from that week can be seen at:


Abstraction in Comics Show We organized and co-hosted a major art show called “Abstraction in Sequential Art”. This show featured Gary Panter, Raymond Pettibone, Dash Shaw, Ron Rege, Erin Curry, Hellen Jo, Josh Bayer, Aidan Koch, and numerous more. It was a product of nearly a year of organizational efforts on the part of Tom Hart of SAW and Chase Westfall of Gallery Protocol, where the show was displayed. Images from that show can be seen at:


March 2014

In our own space, we featured a solo showing of one of first students, Sally Cantirino. Sally’s work has a personal brushy flair. We showed more than 100 fully completed pages of story and art, and also character sketches and other art. Her concentration is people coming into full flower. Her lines and drawings are full of life and a little bit of angst. She is an artist to watch out for. Images from that show can be seen at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sequentialartistsworkshop/sets/72157643186408923/

Scenes from the Gabrielle Bell workshop. 2014. Gabrielle Bell was our second visiting teaching artist. She is the author of many autobiographical and pseudo-autobigographical works such as The Voyeurs and Lucky. She hosted an intense and personal workshop for students who traveled from all over the country. Images from that workshop are here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sequentialartistsworkshop/sets/72157641977965044/

Additionally, we welcomed gag cartoonist and popular New York Times essayist Tim Kreider to the Alachua County Library and then SAW for talks.

April 2014

Untitled We assisted the UF English Department in hosting their annual Comics Conference, this time focusing on trauma in comics. At our behest and with our co-coordination, we hosted comics veteran Carol Tyler to speak at UF, give a workshop and then give a workshop at SAW. Images from that can be seen at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sequentialartistsworkshop/sets/72157643726317054/

May 2014

Awarded Keren Katz and Julian Voloj each $250 for their self-published comics. We More on those awardees can be seen here:  http://sequentialartistsworkshop.org/wordpress/2014/05/congratulations-to-our-april-2014-micro-grant-winners/

August 2014

We welcomed our third year of full-time students. This class is 10 students large, 7 of whom are women.

We added Kurt Wolfgang to our faculty. His cartooning class has immediately proven to be popular and valuable to new students.

October 2014

We hosted comics journalist Josh Neufeld, creator of A.D., After the Deluge, and The Influencing Machine.

November 2014

Jason Little visit to SAW 11-7-2014

We hosted New York artist Jason Little to give demos on perspective and then 3-d comics. Images from that can be seen here:



Later, fine artist and DC artist George Pratt visited for two days through a program with UF. He lectured and generously gave seven hours of demos.


December 2014

We finished our first semester of our current single-year program, with new comics coming off the presses from students, many of whom had never published before.

Two quick in-process  images are seen here:





This couldn’t have happened without your support. At the end of this terrific year, I want to thank you.


Tom Hart @ The Sequential Artists Workshop