Lives you've helped change...

YOU help our students succeed.  Need more proof that your donation helps? Thanks to you, here's how you've changed some of our artists' lives.

"The teachers at The Sequential Artist's Workshop work with you individually and as a group to address all of these areas of concern and foster growth by equipping you with new sources of inspiration, tools, techniques and of course, with knowledge.

Perhaps most importantly, SAW's supportive and encouraging atmosphere has helped give me the confidence needed to take risks and feel proud of the work I'm doing.”

- Michelle Tabares

"Making comics had always seemed to me like difficult, often overwhelming work. SAW has given me the competence and confidence to face making better art head on.

-Joseph Garland


Student Miranda Harmon's latest autobio story went viral and was even featured on the AV club, here. 


If you are able, won't won't you won't you donate to SAW today? Just 13 hours left in this year to make a difference in a cartoonist's life.

Won't you help us, today?

Tom Hart Founder Sequential Artists Workshop

P.S. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important. You have the power to help people just like Michelle, Joseph, and Miranda this year.  Please click here and help us make better, smarter comix artists, now.