Struggling with the Details in your Drawings?

If you're like me, you struggle with details and clarity in your drawings.

When I met Justine Andersen in 2012, suddenly I had a mentor to help me. She is a brilliant artist and a generous teacher and I immediately hired her at my school to cover ground I couldn't: the masterful control of space and technique in a drawing.

Justine says:

  • Have you ever wondered how to get more depth in your drawings? Have you ever wondered how those detailed drawings never seem to look messy or cluttered?
  • Have you ever felt defeated enough to say, "I could never do that."?
  • All of that dazzling magic is within your reach, it is teachable.
  • Join us, and begin unraveling the mysteries of those fabulous works of art.

I'm living proof, Justine will teach you how to see and draw details and depth in your drawings.

Depth and Details is a ways away yet, It doesn't start until March 13, but take a look now.

I've been trying to get Justine to teach online for years and now you will get to see what everyone who has attended SAW raves about.

Take a look and sign up, Depth and Details - you won't be disappointed!

Thank you!

Tom Hart Sequential Artists Workshop

PS- There's still almost 2 weeks to enroll in my own class, Storytelling Flow. We begin Feb 6.