Online Testimonials 1

Our first round of testimonials, for Tom Hart's Storytelling Flow

From Storytelling Flow:

"I'm really pleased with how quickly a (somewhat) cogent plot has developed from minimal voluntary invention on my part. …Another thing that is interesting about this is that it's started me sketching again, which I honestly have not done to any great degree in probably five or six years." - Theodore Malian

"It's a lot more fun that when I'm stubborn with my ideas. I really do feel like I'm on a ride... Its brought a little " i can" back into my creative. Making stories is so on the " individual " and im so caught up in the daily grind of meeting the necessities of the day to day, that its really hard to shift gears and do what i really want to do. I think the things you taught us in the beginning and throughout will help me set aside time for my art more. At least i hope it does :)" - James Sexton
I really like this exercise and I haven't stopped doodling for the last couple of days! - Kayla Placencio
For the first time ever, I have the storyline for a comic! I feel like I'm just starting to hear my own voice. Yay!!! - Charl Elias
So I just wanted to say that this class is / was plenty rad. I have never really written a comic in this way, and I think it is really helping to get me "unstuck"…this class is doing a number on me, so thanks! - Robert Stephens
One of the great things about this course is the positivity. Other places online are often about rejection and I didn't realize how toxic that was to the creative process until I came here. Please don't change that! :-) The improvisational "say yes to everything" approach is magical. And fun, frankly. - Ayal Pinkus
That said. This was a lot of fun. New ideas and details keep jumping out that I wasn't expecting and I feel like I am really intimately getting to know this character and bookcase. - Paul Jeffrey

And anonymously:

  • I've been struggling to pull a full story together despite having ideas all the time. This class gave me effective tools to follow through with the storytelling process.
  • The course was fun, interesting and useful. I've already used the process on other projects.
  • Very inspiring teacher! Well structured sequence of exercises that really helped me to develop my work.
  • I love the fact that I can study at SAW without being there in person (as much as I would love that). I appreciate the democratic access to this rather sophisticated education. The value of the class was to me very high- receiving college quality instruction for that price seems crazy. Totally grateful!
  • Really, Tom, this was an amazing course. You opened up whole lot of creative possibilities for me. I am really looking forward to more courses!