All Obstacles Will Be Removed When You Get Here


Our year-long student Maxine said this: "All Obstacles Will Be Removed When You Get Here" and I laughed, Ha ha, right!

But our regular visitor and student Deanna said "it's true" and then they went back and forth, discussing the obstacles they'd seen removed once someone got to SAW.

"You remember J?" She said. When his ATM card stopped working and he was eating nothing but rice and tea for days, we took him in and fed him!

Yeah, well that's just cause we're nice.

Deanna said, "You guys blow my mind every time I come down. I think I have one problem and I get unstuck and then I realize how much I just want to be drawing... The emotional and creative barriers are removed"

I guess it's true. We're helpful. We have decades of practice. We have enormous passion for what we do. We have strategies for staying on course.