You Can't Do This in the Movies!


Comics For Writers Hints #01 You Can't Do This in the Movies!

In Comics For Writers, I highlight 5 techniques that are unique to comics, and are tricks you can use to make your own work rich and vivid.

Here are just 2 examples:

#1, The Pan, or Polyptych

(an explanation, from Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics.)

Here's one more, a classic from Jaime Hernandez:

Look how we follow the main character's focus over three panels until she reaches the point where a confrontation needs to happen.

and You Can't Do This in the Movies #5, Diagrams:

(From Chris Ware, Jimmy Corrigan, a unique explanation of a character's background, in vivid interaction with her larger context )

Both of these techniques allow for a unique, emotional bond between the reader and the character, environments and themes of the story that are utterly unique to comics.

You can understand and use these techniques, too! Comics For Writers gives you everything you need to know.

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