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The other day I asked on my Facebook what everyone struggled with the most. And a couple people said money and a couple people said love but most everyone said they feel stuck. 

Interaction with the Tarot - and with our class!  is going to help get you unstuck and get your creativity flowing again. The very act of drawing connects you to someplace deep in you.

The weekly exercise (writing or drawing or meditating or all three) will start to move through the blocks that had seemed so immoveable before.

It's also a wild ride!

Marketing is a funny thing

...and I am being totally transparent here. I want you to take my course.

The marketing gurus want me to tell you what results or benefits you'll get from purchasing this class and taking this 6 week journey with us:

  • Opportunity to explore your subconscious
  • Wisdom and knowledge from an expert
  • Guidance from a community
  • You will know more about the Tarot
  • You will know more about yourself and where you are in your life
  • You will interact with a deep system hundreds of years old

We already have enough people. Self employed teachers always have a minimum and we have that but I still want YOU.

I am confident that this class will bring you an exciting dip into your creative life and more inner peace because the exercises require you STOP, HOLD STILL ON THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN THE PAST AND THE PRESENT and DO THIS .

I want you to take my class because..

I know first hand how this simple deck of cards can change your life.

I'm one of those people who uses the deck for insight and self-inquiry, not just for clients and students but for myself on a DAILY BASIS.

In our class, there will be

  • Weekly videos describing the exercises
  • Weekly stuff to read
  • Private FB chat so we need to hook up on FB yes you can take the class and just share your work with me

It's FINE to lurk and it's fine to participate.

The link below is for YOU!