I'm a comics beginner, where can I start?

Comics Beginners
Comics Beginners

Are you a comics beginner?

We hear people often say they are beginners, and just getting started in this comics. Maybe they've come from other fields or disciplines.

Comics is a bold new adventure!

And we can help!

We have several online courses that might be a good start for you.

First, our online courses.

You might want to start with

Comics For Writers, a good intro to how comics works. You don't have to draw to go through this self-guided course. 

There is also a very intensive masterclass version of this course:


And then, perhaps Tom Hart's

Creating Professional Comic Strips course, which is an guided course of PDFs, and a pretty good intro to creating characters and drawing.

We have LOTS of courses for the next level, including:

Depth and Details which is also about drawing environments and landscapes. 

Or Justine's Inking Masterclass, if you want to fear no ink! 

Our Free Resources section has loads of material, you can look at some of that stuff, here:

In-Person Workshops

Finally, in Gainesville, here is info about our Low-Residency Week, May 7-11, 2018. 

Low-Res Week October 2016
Low-Res Week October 2016