They Don't Teach This at SCAD

They don't teach this at SCAD.

They don't teach what we teach at typical art schools.

They don't teach this stuff at MOST SCHOOLS because MOST SCHOOLS treat you like a number.

Most schools want you in and then out.

We want you HERE.

What do we teach at SAW (aside from writing, drawing, history, publishing, etc.)? 

  • Mask making and movement workshops to get you learning about the bodies, faces and personalities you'll be drawing. (top.)

  • Justine's lecture on anxiety. Yes, a full class period (and optional walks in the woods) devoted to anxiety, OCD and stress. (bottom left.)

  • Underwater drawing in Florida's magnificent springs. Because nature strengthens us and drawing in any circumstance deepens our artistic and most human selves.

  • Collage Comics and Abstract Comics. To get us thinking in new ways about the medium.

  • Going in for the Snakes. Tom Hart’s class on emotional content in comics.

  • Storytelling Flow. Learning to flow through story invention and not get caught up with “nothing to say.”

At SAW, you'll learn history, writing, drawing, and a whole lot more.

SAW is on its 7th year of expertly teaching year-long students.
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The Sequential Artists Workshop is now accepting applications for 2019-2020.

Live, breathe, eat, and sleep comics for an entire year!

Dive deep into comics study, and explore the medium from every angle. Immerse yourself in comics history and appreciation, discover strategies for creative idea generation and storytelling, dig into story and subject research, sharpen your visual communication skills in life drawing and character design classes, and learn critical comics techniques, from inking and panel design to layout and printing. 

Learn more and see the application here

Got more questions? Send us a note and Tom Hart will answer them in person!