A Walk Through Comix 2000 - Episode 007 - Ambre

Here's another Walk Through Comix 2000. This one, the French artist Ambre, whom I had not known before.

This one is full of textures and rich grays and black and white.

This exercise is becoming interesting because part of it becomes a "Where are they now?" game, or more specifically, an exercise in tracking what comes of a cartoonist 19 years after they submitted a 3-8 page comic to a radical and yet welcoming anthology.

So far we've seen one become very famous with animations and running a satirical magazine (Dario Adanti), one mostly disappear (Kalah Allen, a friend of mine whom I can't seem to contact) and others keep plugging at it. Jessica Abel of course has co-written comics text books but is mostly focusing on creativity workshops now.

I field a lot of "What am I going to do with my life" questions at SAW, and my answer is always some variation on figure out where you need to be now, and follow the leads that presents you.

This exercise is giving me some specific early 21st century models.

The rest of the series can be seen on youtube, here.