What you can learn and who you can meet in our online community.

Our online community is growing and we are covering so much. We can help you too!

Here’s what we did last week in the SAW Mighty Network!

We started a BOOK CLUB! Want to join us? Take a look here!


Maggie joined us from Maui, Hawaii, welcome Maggie and lots of new members too!

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We were inspired by Nick Cave's answer to the INNER VOICE

Q: "Did you ever want to give up and quit, because of your inner voice?" 
Read more:  https://sequential-artists-workshop.mn.co/posts/3118194

And we have four exclusive groups.

In the SAW Comics FLOW Group, we examined SCRIBBLES and David said,

In the Graphic Memoir Group, we did a super-interesting meditation on the objects in our home tucked away in closets and drawers. 

And in Emily Flake's Exclusive Gag-Cartooning Class, she offered this list of her favorite books on craft:

Hi class! A student asked if I could share a recommended reading list - and OH BOY COULD I EVER! All of the books here have been absolutely instrumental to me in building this class and work in general (which is a gracious way of saying I have plundered them mercilessly). Read on!

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Cartooning: Philosophy and Practice by Ivan Brunetti
What It Is and Syllabus by Lynda Barry
Cartooning: The Art and the Business by Mort Gerberg (out of print but available used)
Introduction to Cartooning by Richard Taylor - from the 40s and long out of print, but available through Amazon and probably less evil retailers.
Comics and Sequential Art Vol 1-3 by Will Eisner
Drawing Comics Lab by Robyn Chapman
Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (I know I know Eat Pray Ugh but this is brilliant)
On Writing by Stephen King
The War of Art by Steven Pressfield
The Triggering Town by Richard Hugo
..and I will absolutely be the brown-noser that recommends 
How to Say Everything, by that redoubtable genius, Tom Hart. 

I hope these are enough to get you started!!



And in the Dancing The Panther group, Dave is working on populating a whole medieval universe. He's been working at getting his dwarves and yes, donkeys, just right...

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Hope to see more of you all next week!!

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Tom and the friends at SAW