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Read about the process of animation to picture book for Anete Melece and her story, ‘The Kiosk’. The post switches back and forth between illustration and text to show how the book came to life.


Thanks John for sharing another great figure drawing resource, Quick Poses. It boasts an archive of images for artists practicing their form, or who need a reference image. Let us know how it compares to your current go-to.


If you’ve been following Tom’s Instagram, Youtube, Facebook or having a conversation with him in person for that matter, you’ll probably have seen his latest incarnation of cards to assist story telling.

This time it’s ‘Playful Tarot’: you make your own cards, using images from your archives or that are significant to you, shuffle them, arrange them, see what story the cards have to tell.

Pictured below are some re-imagined Tarot Cards from Holly (thanks Holly!).

Some of these books I listened as I drew, some I reached for on nights when I could not sleep, some I remembered and re-read because I found them brave and wild and inventive in ways that made me feel like many things were possible.
— Mira Jacob


Donna recommends Mira Jacob and Mira Jacob’s recommends five inspiring books that aren’t by men. Read the full list here.

Full comic by past student available this week on Patreon.

Full comic by past student available this week on Patreon.


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