Cut-ups and Spills: Making Abstract Comics - Nov. 11

Cut-ups and Spills: Experiments in Making Abstract Comics with Erin Curry
November 11, 2018
10am - 4pm

This is a playful one day workshop based on expanding your visual vocabulary with found and traditional materials. We’ll use the magic of panels and repetition to establish tone and rhythm within your comics to evoke topics and subjects you care about. Bring interesting scraps of paper and odd objects to make interesting marks.

This workshop will be taught by Erin Curry. You can find Erin on Twitter @erin_curry and Instagram @erincurry


Some materials provided, but bring interesting scraps of paper, odd objects, and any other preferred supplies.

There will be a break for lunch around midday.

Sliding Scale Tuition Options: $25, $40, $55, $75

About Sliding Scale: Please pay what you can. If you can afford to pay a little (or a lot) more, you can help us make fantastic SAW learning experiences accessible to students in need, and you’ll help our indie art school grow and thrive.

And from Erin:


Welcome!  I’m excited to be working with you tomorrow and have expanded the optional materials in response to the question: 

What should I bring? The answer is, that depends.  My hope to make this an exercise in curiosity and collaborative experiments. I’ll share some of my work and techniques and would like to help you translate some of your interests into new marks and work. I’ll have a number of tools and materials on hand to work with, but if you have things to bring it will helpful. 

My first 24-hour comic was immensely improved by a tiny bottle of wedding bubbles that serendipitously fell out of a friend’s bag, so keep an open mind.  

The Usual Suspects: 

There are some tools that everyone would benefit from if you already have them on hand or in your drawing/painting tool kit. Bring: Pencils, pens, favorite paper, sharpie, eraser, ruler, watercolor or gauche kit, brushes, scissors, gesso, that amazing doodad or magic powder you can’t leave home without, etc. An xacto knife and fresh blades would be great!  

Your Curiosities: 

We all have interests that carry us through life whether foundational or just starting to peek through.  Bring things you want to investigate as interesting marks or good materials to collage. 

Are you a drummer? Bring old sticks. 

A gardener? Bring leaves/seeds/fruits from your garden. 

A magpie? Bring those things you pile in your pocket.

Library sale overflow? Old books make great paper resources for text and images.   

We have access to a couple copiers for images and text too valuable to chop-up items.  Some of us are minimalists and some of us hoard objects and paper treasures, as one of the latter,

I’ll bring something to play with if you are drawing a blank or want a wild card.