The best advice I ever got.


Seriously? It was this:

Nobody's watching and nobody cares.

I was in the studio of cartoonist Brian Sendelbach in 1993, fretting about my latest mini-comic or something, I had to make it great, I was trying so hard, I didn't know what I was doing, I was anxious, really anxious, and he stopped me and said:

Tom. Nobody's watching.

And nobody cares.


It was so freeing.

  • Nobody is watching you so intently that they are waiting for you to F* things up. 
  • You're allowed to make mistakes.
  • You're allowed to learn slowly.
  • No one cares if you are brilliant today or tomorrow or ever.
  • God is not waiting to hand you a Big Golden Lemon and take away your right to play.

Just take a breath, and do the work.

And play. And learn.

Since then, I have let the work guide me. What does it want me to say?  How is it suggesting I say it? How can I say it better?

And whom should I ask for help?

That's what SAW is here for. For people who are ready to ask for advice, instruction, community, mentorship.

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Tom @ SAW