Craig Bostick Visit at SAW: Go Retro!

Craig Bostick ( ) visited SAW this week and shared his amazing wealth of love and understanding of 50s and 60s cartoon and comic culture.

In his talk, he showed his earliest influences like Hanna-Barbara cartoons, EPA cartoons, Silver Age comics, cartoon cereal boxes, Bewitched, board games and more.

And then he showed lots of his art and illustrations, including the Strong Suits Silver Age DC Trading Cards which the students couldn't get enough of.

My favorite part of the talk was when he mentioned that twice he sent out work and got rejected or heard nothing back, but in both cases, it resulted in something better than he expected. First, when he sent his first single-page comic to Boy Trouble and heard nothing back. Years later, he found out they wanted to write back but they lost his address! In time, he wound up being the series' third de facto editor. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 10.45.11 AM.png

And second, when he submitted a story about The Germs' Darby Crash to an anthology, it wasn't accepted, but he printed it himself, and when the movie industry did a movie on Darby Crash, the director ordered a bunch of copies of Craig's comic to give to the production staff to read. 

I love having Craig down here to talk. I love his taste and aesthetic, his humor and kindness. I've known Craig 20 years, here's to another 20 of great comics and drawing! 

Craig says: " Pay attention to what you like and why. Study it. Do your research. Follow the trail of artists who inspired the artists who inspired you. ""