Creative Illustration - Starting Jan. 23


Illustrator Sidney Davidson offers this 6 week class in creative illustration. We'll work to develop creative ideas and communicate them powerful using visual tools of metaphor, hierarchy. From thumbnails to sketch to final inks and then either computer color or paint, we'll develop multiple final images in class.

Demos will include creative idea generating, composition for narrative impact, inking and computer coloring.

Sidney's illustration website can be seen here.

Note: This is an afternoon class. 

Tuesdays 11am - 2pm. Six Tuesdays from January 23 – February 27, 2018

Sliding Scale between $75, $110, $150

What will be covered:

  • Week 1: Visual interest, communication and wit. Students will develop 25 thumbnails on a theme

  • Week 2: Visual hierarchy, composition and values. Students will develop 1 or 2 finished sketches

  • Week 3: Inking demos and value demos. Students will transfer final sketches to illustration boards.

  • Week 4: Palette creation. Computer color demos. Students will use computer color or paint to finish their first illustration.

  • Week 5: A second illustration assignment based on an article or social cause. Working from other text and ideas. Creative idea generation. Students will work quickly to create a new illustration in class under a deadline by the end of week 6.

  • Week 6: Final work on final illustration!

An optional 2nd 6 weeks will see students working to develop multiple finished creative illustrations on a single topic in an illustration series.