What's the number one thing I tell people in my class about learning to draw depth and details?


 In my lectures I will show you  masterful drawings and paintings and we will examine the layers from the front to the back, and analyze how they arranged and depicted each layer.

We'll look as master work and identify the layers of depth but also the methods by which they rendered those layers. 


In the end, you'll say like these students:

An amazing experience! Justine Andersen has a unique take on how to get to the root of rendered depth and place meaningful details to serve composition. This was my first SAW class, and I was so bowled over by it, I found myself neglecting my other work to get back to this coursework!

- Scott Lemien

It was a mind-blowing experience. I see it in all the works of all the artists I admire now: layered depth, structural contrast for readability, and also used to let the image tell a story.

Justine illustrated that with many amazing examples, going through each in detail. My approach to designing compositions has changed and I will be processing the information I got from this course for months to come! Believe me when I say this course really changed me.

- Ayal Pinkus

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