What did MAUS and CALVIN look like early on?

A lot of people spend SO MUCH TIME DESIGNING THEIR CHARACTERS and worrying about everything looking PERFECT and THE SAME from beginning of their project to the end of their project, or even panel to panel.

You know what?

It doesn’t matter at all. 

What matters is sitting down, starting the story, and letting it come out.

MAUS, circa 1972


Have you ever seen Art Spiegelman’s MAUS, the first version, from 1972? 

It looked A LOT different than what we're used to. Big eyes, rubbery noses.

When he picked it up again in 1978 it looked a lot different. Austere and menacing.

He had to do the work to find the right voice.



Here's Bill Watterson's early Calvin and Hobbes.


Even when he later decided to show his eyes, he still changed over the early years into the character we know and love.

Your comics aren't ready? That's ok.

We're here to help you find your voice. That right rhythm, that style, that comfort with your own ideas. 

It takes time and practice.


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