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Two new scholarships for SAW Single-Year Intensive attendees

Koyama Press and other generous donors have funded two new $500 scholarships.

Both scholarships honor cartoonists who made major contributions to their comics communities and created strikingly original comics.


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    J. MANIX

    Although J. Manix (real name: Joëlle Guillevic ) was a beloved pioneer of French alternative comics in the 90s, almost nobody knows her work today.  I loved her blobby, humble work, and managed to meet and spend time her once in Angouleme. She was kind and funny. 

    Tragically, she succumbed to breast cancer in the early 2000s. She documented some of that experience in her cartoon diaries. She's underrepresented on the internet, and as such we have temporarily put scans of her english cartoon diaries #1 here and #3 here. 



    Mark Campos was one of the cornerstones of the Seattle comics scenes, and a great great guy and friend of mine. He died earlier this year and it's a crime that he is gone. He was a funny, humble, wildly intelligent guy who would let cultural references fly so quickly, he was like his own MST3K. 

    This obituary at The Comics Journal shows how loved by the cartooning world he was. The video embedded there in particular is so perfectly Mark, humble and smart. I miss him terribly.

    A gofundme has been set up to publish his latest work Casino Son, autobiographical strips about growing up in Reno, Nevada.


    We hope that these scholarships will draw further attention to their work.

    • The J. Manix Scholarship is reserved for a student that identifies as female or non-binary.
    • The Mark Campos Scholarship is reserved for a student of color.

    Apply to the 2018-2019 Year-Long Comics Intensive by March 1st to be eligible to receive the scholarship.

    To apply, all prospective students need to do to apply is tick off the boxes at the bottom of the application form indicating their interest in a scholarship. (A student may apply for both scholarships if they fall into both categories!) View our application here.

    Also, ANY student that applies to the SAW Year-Long Comics Intensive by March 1st qualifies for 5% off of tuition if they are accepted and choose to attend. 


    We understand how race- and gender-based privilege can exclude women and people of color from creative communities. While there have always been fantastic cartoonists from all backgrounds, the best known, most financially successful cartoonists are typically white men. We seek to shift that balance by encouraging and supporting women and people of color who apply to SAW’s full-year comics intensive program. 

    All of our programs are cheap, sliding scale, or exchange-for-work. Everyone, every story is welcome at SAW. 

    So apply and/or spread the word. If you know someone who's making comics for whom this scholarship could mean that extra boost that gets them to SAW, please let them know about this opportunity.

    If you're interested in sponsoring more scholarships or supporting our students in other ways, we'd love that! Please donate or get in touch

    If you have any further questions about the Mark Campos and J. Manix scholarships, the full-year program, or other SAW matters, please feel free to shoot us an email.