How to not be afraid of a Risograph

MT- Riso PrintWithin our first week of classes, Tom showed us the risograph in the corner of the classroom (it's an upgrade to your common photocopier, commonly used in printing comics). Hearing horror stories that it was a complicated, finicky, loud and frankly downright intimidating machine, I was convinced there was no way I'd ever be able to learn how to use it. It became a personal mission to avoid at all costs!

Luckily, everyone managed to convince me that I could learn how to use the risograph. Tom spent several hours with me after class coaching me and when he wasn't around, former and current classmates were there to help. With their instruction and support, I was able to print a comic I was extremely proud of; with a machine I had previously sworn off forever!

More end of semester risos This is just one of many examples of how SAW's supportive and engaging environment has made a huge difference on my creative skills and confidence in my work.

-Michelle Tabares