New Testimonials

Friends, thank you for year-end donations to SAW at our fundraiser link.
You've helped students like Chance, Michelle,  Jenny and Joseph:
I trust myself now to give one hell of a story whether it be one panel or a crazy number of pages and I also trust myself to keep going if that story falls flat. The confidence is real and I don't think I could have done that without SAW and the brilliant, encouraging staff of teachers.
A wonderful realization after I left SAW was that I knew *how* to be an artist and not a person that does art blindly.
Comics are more than ink lines and a story, they are you spilled all over a page.  I know that now too.
I am so thankful for SAW and the experiences I had there.
-Chance Miller
"Like most artists, I've struggled with a variety of technical, creative and emotional issues pertaining to my work.
The teachers at The Sequential Artist's Workshop work with you individually and as a group to address all of these areas of concern and foster growth by equipping you with new sources of inspiration, tools, techniques and of course, with knowledge.
Perhaps most importantly, SAW's supportive and encouraging atmosphere has helped give me the confidence needed to take risks and feel proud of the work I'm doing."
- Michelle Tabares.
SAW has helped me be more confident in storytelling and drawing. I used to have trouble putting my ideas down on paper, and since going through one half of the first year program, it's made things so much easier. It's a great program, with great teachers, and all for a very great price.
- Jenny Guan
Making comics had always seemed to me like difficult, often overwhelming work. SAW has given me the competence and confidence to face it head on.
-Joseph Garland

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