Non-Linear Logic, Set 1


JustineSAWEXCLUSIVE TO SAW! Many years ago I started this cartoon series, an exercise in reducing everything I knew into the fewest lines with the most limitations I could impose upon it and still make it emote. I'm not saying it was terribly original, nor that it had never been done before, but I really enjoyed making these, I called them "Non-Linear Logic." One of my ambitions in creating these was to create some panels that were so abstract and simple that they would literally dissolve into total abstraction without the other panels around them to create a sort of Gestalt. They were mostly hand drawn with toothpick (for inking), then scanned into Illustrator, live-traced and colored. I created them as an adult and seasoned professional after I had returned to school to learn Photoshop and animation, and I thought I was finally on to something, as for the first time ever my teachers hated them, but the young students in my classes loved them… I really thought they'd catch on like wildfire… making me rich and famous…!...

...Yeah, well, anyway…

This one is actually a 4 page story... with continuity and everything. If you like 'em… tell me, maybe I'll post the rest. You can click 'em and make 'em a tad bigger.





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