Learn to Draw ANYTHING with Sidney Davidson

New class starting Monday, September 11th at the Sequential Artists Workshop! [Note: start date changed, September 11th is the official first day.]

Mondays, 6:30-9:00 pm

Drawing Strategies with Sidney Davidson

When Sidney proposed this class, he said, "It's difficult to find resources on drawing from the imagination that are easily comprehensible. BUT there is tremendous freedom and satisfaction in the ability to draw whatever you want from any angle you want."

Sidney’s Drawing Strategies class will teach you:  -how to draw any object, from any angle regardless of complexity -how to draw anything from the imagination -how to draw objects consistently and accurately with ease -the ability to think and visualize in three dimensions

The class will run in two, six week sections:

Section 1 is foundational. It covers the raw, analytical, logical side to the techniques. We will be drawing motorcycles, cars, buildings etc.

Section 2 teaches you how to creatively and cohesively implement the skills you learned in Section 1. We'll be learning how to draw interiors, exteriors, anatomy, and keep things looking consistent from panel to panel. Plus, we'll cover designing objects.

Classes are sliding scale. There is a substantial discount when you sign up for both sections upfront. You can also sign up for Section 2 later, but without the discount.

Sliding scale options for each individual 6 week section: $150 $200 $225

Sliding Scale options for both classes (all 12 weeks)  $240 $340 $380


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Want to know more?

Watch Sidney talk with Tom and Michael about the class, visualization vs reference, and the lack of resources on drawing from the imagination: