Sitting on a treasure trove of research and true stories? Jess Ruliffson's Non-Fiction Comics Course


Are you sitting on a treasure trove of research?

Do you have too many good true stories or interviews? Wondering how to start turning these sources into the rich combination of words and pictures of comics?

In this course I will personally walk you through moving from rich research material to rich graphic storytelling.

We'll survey examples and examine what works well and what doesn't in comics, and I'll show you how I take lengthy research of thousands of words and find the right threads and the right visuals to tell the story.

In this course, you'll create two comic pages, including one from your own interests, by the time we're done.

Take your rich material and squeeze it onto the comics page

I've made dozens of short comics each from over 20 pages of interviews! I know how hard it can be to focus on the good stuff.

In this course, we'll look at complex texts and we'll learn how to break them down into key points.


We'll look at how to make them the have the emotional resonance to keep people reading.

We'll learn how to turn dialogue and facts into pictures that keep the reader engaged.

We'll work with your passions and curiosities.

About Me

I'm Jess Ruliffson. I started out as an illustrator and moved into comics as a way of connecting with the history and stories around me.

I've been interviewing veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars for a full-length graphic novel. I' teach at School of Visual Arts in New York, and I've given lectures and workshops at The Drawing Center, The Center for Cartoon Studies, and of course, SAW in Gainesville. I recently completed artwork for The Odyssey of Sergeant Jack Brennan by Bryan Doerries, available from Pantheon Books. My other clients include The Boston Globe, Wilson Quarterly, Oxford American, E-Line Industries, Columbia University School of Journalism,, PEN America, The NYC Police Foundation, Symbolia Magazine, The Cartoon Picayune, and So What? Press.

My students at The Sequential Artists Workshop loved my in-house non-fiction class, and have used these principles in their work!

You'll be working with me in a small structured community to reach your goals.

Join me as we dive into learning how to tell non-fiction comics!