SAW Online Fall Semester || Starts Sept 5



All classes start after Labor Day, free trials enrolling now!

Inking Master Class One: Learn It

Get in there and learn how to get over the fear of the brush and start inking like a pro!

Through easy to follow visual-rich lectures, demos and work-at-home projects that have been successfully proven for years in classrooms, you will not only learn to see that what these artists are doing is not magic, it is perfectly explainable, understandable, teachable, and therefor entirely doable!

Every Picture Tells a Story - Sept 5

So you want to create a Tarot deck? Aliza Einhorn will guide you through the mysterious curious world of the Tarot and the fun unique challenges of Tarot deck creation. - Begins Sept 5

Comics Storytelling and Structure with Jim Higgins

Learn the most important aspect of writing — how to structure a story as it relates to the medium of comics and graphic novels

An interactive class with Live Video interaction, a private group and teacher input from an expert editor in the field.

Going In For The Snakes

Tom Hart's new class about working with emotionally raw material.

For our late November December session, we'll run Emily Flake's Gag CartooningJess Ruliffson's Non-FictionJustine Andersen's Inking 2 and maybe more!

Finally, we're hoping to get Josh Bayer, Vanessa Davis, and James Turek on board. And Carol Tyler for a Master Class course. Stay tuned!