Instant Success!


Instant Success!

Our 4 upcoming online courses maybe be in-depth, but you will learn RIGHT AWAY.

What will you learn from  Aliza EinhornJustine AndersenJim Higgins, and the Snakes Community?

Here's what I learned instantly from these teachers...

Aliza Einhorn Aliza told me to pay a little less attention to the Major Arcana (I was obsessed). Instant success!  The Minor Arcana are so deep!She told me the 4s are often cards of stability. The 2 of swords is about choice and decision and indecision. And that most of the KINGS don't really want to be KINGS.MIND BLOWN!

I learned instantly how much I had to learn (And that gave me the fever to learn!) 75 more cards and how to get to know them so that I can understand their relationships and develop my own understanding about them and so much more!

And I learned how trustworthy Aliza is. She knows everything, her intuition is she is extremely generous with her wisdom...

Listen to us talk about a the Tarot and a surprise deck that showed up in the mail.

Her Tarot Deck Creation and Decoding class starts Sept 5. Free Trial Up Now


Justine Mara Andersen

I know it sounds crazy, but Justine told me to buy a GOOD BRUSH, and how to CLEAN IT! Instant success! 

My art was instantly better, and my brush was ready to draw with when I needed it.

[These are the brushes: Windsor Newton Series 7, size 2, or occasionally an Escoda or Raphael brand equivalent. ] [Watch Justine's video for how to clean it]

Then I needed to learn how to hold it, and to practice making certain basic strokes, and that came right after, and is in week 1 of her Master Class

Her INKING MASTER CLASS 1 starts Sept 5. Free Trial Up Now.

See an in-depth video with Justine and me looking at great inkers here


I swear this was the simplest thing, but Jim asked me once, when I brought a concept with a rag-tag group of characters, he said, "So which one is the main character?" and I said "Well, they all are." And he told me, "You gotta have a single character the holds the story firmly in place. You can have lots of other characters, but there has to be one character whose change is so vital, it feels like our own."

Instant Success! 

And after 20 years of working in this field since then, I know this to be true and every story I write I know to concentrate first on the one character who changes the most.

In Jim's class with Live Video interaction, you'll learn this plus structure secrets about how to help people connect with your story!

It starts Sept 5. Starts Sept 5. Free Trial Coming Soon

And you.

In my Going in for the Snakes class, the first thing we'll learn is that one, simple, single heartfelt, honest line is all you need to make a powerful mini-story.

Instant Success!

We'll steal a line we love from our favorite songs and match them with found and abstract imagery. The results are often beautiful and stunning.

[Here's a video of some we did at SAW.]

Sliding scale Starts Sept 12. Free Trial Now