Our teachers are my teachers


The Teachers who Teach Me

I've been lucky since building my own school because I get to hire teachers WHO TEACH ME.It's fabulous!

What Jim HigginsJustine Andersen & Aliza Einhorn have given me is what I want to share with you.


Jim was an editor at Vertigo when I was just finding my way through the comics industry a little bit. I remember he called, and said he'd like to try some new things there, getting "alternative cartoonists" like myself to write stories. He wanted to get people like Joe Sacco to write stories of war from a civilian's standpoint, and he'd like to see me write a social critique about urban alienation.

This was an amazing thing, because HE SAW WHO I WAS. There can almost be no greater gift a teacher can give you...

I urge you to sign up for his Story Structure for Comics course, and you will see how his empathy, clear eye and industry knowledge can help you.

An interactive class with Live Video interaction, a private group and teacher input from an expert editor in the field.

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Aliza Einhorn

I spend way too much time asking Aliza questions about the Tarot. I mean, I should wait just take her course but I can't wait!

As a professional storyteller for 20+ years, I have never really dived into the Tarot, which is such an amazing deep, psychological treasure. Aliza is helping me discover it with guidance and wisdom!

Listen to us talk about a the Tarot in general, and a surprise deck that showed up in the mail. Listen to our conversation here, as she teaches me about the Tarot and story...

Her Tarot Deck Creation and Decoding class starts Sept 5. Free Trial Up Now

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Justine Mara Andersen

What haven't I learned from Justine in the 5 years I've known her? Yes, she taught me to hold the brush right, and to wash it well, and to make more vibrant, dynamic lines, and to understand what kind of lines I'm laying down.

But she has also taught me so much about life. I really could write a book, and very well might. You just have to believe me for now: Justine is one of the wisest, generous artists and art teachers I know.

Her INKING MASTER CLASS 1 starts Sept 5.

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See an in-depth video with Justine and me looking at great inkers here

And YOU.

I'm offering my next class SLIDING SCALE because I want you in, and I want to know what you think and feel about some of the stuff I'm bringing to the table.

Bring your own stuff to the table and let's teach each other!

Sliding scale Starts Sept 12. Free Trial Now