Last week's Low Residency Workshop = Big Success!!

An amazing week!

Last week saw our first LOW-RESIDENCY WORKSHOP in our new space. It was fantastic. 9 people from all over the country, and breakthrough and after breakthrough.

We say the workshops are about Permission, Guidance and Focus, but (and since I've got my marketing hat always on) I should also add Breakthroughs.

And I'm not tooting my horn! I GET LAZY. It's Justine, Leela and the students themselves that provided the energy this time. I bring them together, try to stir up emotion, memory, technique, people, but ultimately as the cliche goes, the breakthrough arrives because the student is ready for it.

In one case, a student showed up 20 minutes late on Monday, breathless, having just driven 5 hours, with no plan for a place to stay, and she said, I JUST WANT TO GET BETTER.

These are my kind of people. My kind of students!

So, to Dave, who works as an ICU nurse and came here to tap into his subconscious with tools to look and to render. And to Beth, circling in on her years-in-the-making memoir, and to Ti, working to convey the depth of feeling she has for the people she's interviewed, to all of you, I say THANK YOU FOR COMING.