Emily Flake is back at SAW for Gag Cartooning

Emily Flake back at SAW for gag cartooning.

Emily Flake back at SAW for gag cartooning.

Cartoonist-writer-performer-teacher-illustrator extraordinaire, Emily Flake, has done the leg work, publishing cartoons and illustrations since 2004 for publications from Mad Magazine to The New Yorker. Now she’s back again at SAW for an action-packed six weeks taking a look at cartoon production, from start to finish.

Not sure you’ve got the ideas or drawing skills? Don’t worry, Emily will help you explore through idea generation, thumbnailing, acting and casting, composition, inks, grays, and finishing.

Not just that, Emily will take students behind the cartoon-making curtain, sharing her industry insights, what she’s reading and some of her great influences from throughout the history of cartoons.

Want feedback? She’s got you covered. Got burning creative questions? She can answer those too!

“Pretty much all creative advice boils down to two things: practice looking and observing, and practice sitting with an idea. These two practices are the heart of producing work of any kind.”

“I see you, Jake—but does anyone have a question that’s not about carpentry?”

“I see you, Jake—but does anyone have a question that’s not about carpentry?”

What do past students think?

I had a ton of fun in this course, and I learned a lot, and I am really, really happy with the cartoons that came out of it! Among the many things that were totally and completely new to me were the idea of starting a character, an emotion and a place to generate ideas, and the way you design a composition, guiding the eye so it delivers the punchline effectively. -- Ayal Pinkus

Emily is a great teacher -- which goes beyond her being a wonderful cartoonist which she most certainly is. But being able to teach others something is a whole 'nother venture, and she's similarly capable at this too! She is also very funny and engaging in her presentation style, as well a of course incredibly informative, and always very encouraging and helpful in her feedback. I would highly recommend Emily's class! -- Maggie Maxwell

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