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Tuesday comics inspiration

Simon Hanselmann got a mention as a comic to read last week after his show at Bellevue Arts Museum for Seattle's art guide Art Access.

Hanselmann takes childhood favourites, Megg, Mogg and Owl, on a trip through the realities of adult living. Recent books include ‘Megg and Mogg in Amsterdam’, ‘One More Year’, and ‘Bad Gateway’, and apparently he will be signing books at the Bellevue Arts Museum on Thursday, July 11 from 7-8:30 PM. 

Free resources

This week Keith Finch lead us to a very good segment on comics and community by his local PBS station. You can check it out here!


The FLOW group is all about finding voice and producing work, getting past your blocks and setting up work habits. David shared this very pertinent reminder: you don’t have to be perfect!  


From the Memoir Group

Donna shared another great listening resource about childhood trauma, a familiar topic for a lot of people writing memoir.

MPR's Tom Crann hosted an event in Rochester this spring with three experts who explore the impact of childhood trauma on mental health and suggest ways to build resilience in children. The podcast offers a lot to consider about the narratives we tell now.

You can find the story here.


We love this work in progress from Gineen, especially the use of colour and pattern to create the shape of the letters. It sparked a discussion about the characteristic use of blacks in illustration, and what can be achieved without it.


Coming up!

If you’re a calendar kind of person, consider writing these dates down.

July 1 join our online book group to discuss ‘The Lie and How We Told It’ by Tommi Parrish.

July 8 storytelling FLOW is back again. Join us online.

July 8-19 our Teen/Tween Summer Camp will be in session. Keep an eye out for the exhibition!

August 19 our year-long workshop kicks off in Gainesville (it’s not too late to join us…)

Also, keep an eye out for SAW alumni work in the upcoming issue of Ink Brick.

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