Why We Need Stories

Past student, Miranda Harmon, ‘Everything is Bad, But at Least I Can Make Comics About It’.

Past student, Miranda Harmon, ‘Everything is Bad, But at Least I Can Make Comics About It’.

It’s the start of another week and to get us in the comics flow, we thought we’d bring you our regular recap from the SAW Mighty Network. If regular emails aren’t enough, don’t forget you can join the discussion anytime, here.

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Thanks Gineen for pointing us to Lynda Barry’s ‘The Greatest of Marlys’ (pictured left).


Beth directed us towards a new online database of more than 600 previously overlooked women artists from the 15th-19th centuries.

Many of these artists were known during their lifetimes and have since become obscure parts of museum collections, and invisible to history books.

The non-profit, Advancing Women Artists is going about changing that. Read more here.


This weeks exercise was to DO SOMETHING UNIMPORTANT! To get past that block that this thing is going to be great and brilliant, and to put pencil to paper. It’s not serious! It isn’t “Art”. No one’s going to see…

Tom proved that this can create a wonderful jumping off point for when you do get back to doing the “important” “art” things.

 Here’s a loose, “unimportant” spread.

Bad at love collage.jpg

And here’s what that became in comics form…

I don’t need an arc. I don’t care if your book has a plot. I want to understand how the gears were covered by cement and if we will ever see them move again... There is a seed buried in the crack of your tooth you can’t get out, no one believes it is there, and the chapters are the pick, the floss, and maybe even the chisel.
— https://pen.org/pen-ten-interview-sophia-shalmiyev/


More great resource sharing in the memoir group this week. This time a link to an interview with Sophia Shalmiyev about why we need stories.

You can read the full interview with PEN Ten online, here.


We missed this a couple of weeks ago, but once we found it we loved it so much we had to share! In response to an exercise on constructing character for a reader, Jackie came up with this great visual metaphor.


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Don’t forget to keep an eye out for SAW alumni work in the upcoming issue of Ink Brick.

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