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It’s another week and another SAW Mighty Network recap. This week was big! With our first online reading group, more great resources and constant conversation!


This impressive stack comes from Gineen, including great comics essays like ‘Unflattening’ and even better stories like ‘The Making Of’, there’s something for everyone. ‘Drawing Words and Writing Pictures’ comes highly recommended from the comments section!

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Say hello to a handy tutorial for drawing human figures and body parts from Cedarseed. Barry can attest, it’ll help your hands look less like hamburger buns.


Less a recap and more a reminder - storytelling FLOW with Tom is back again, starting today. Join Tom for six weeks of real-time work shopping, exercises and getting unstuck. It’s not too late! Sign up here.


Jesse says hi from his travels in Armenia (what?!).

The magic thing about SAW, online and at our brick-and-mortar school, is the network of people we’re connecting all over the world. The stories we make are so important. But so are the connections we make and the inspiration we lend (like this very good travelling drawing table set up. Thanks Jesse!)

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This week our first convening of the online reading group with the graphic novel ‘The Lie and How We Told It’ by Tommi Parrish. One question remained unanswered, what is the reason for adding the novella within the story?

The next book on the list is ‘Passing For Human’ by Liana Finck. Keep an eye out for the next date!


Today marks the beginning of storytelling FLOW with Tom, as well as our Teen and Tweens Summer camp. 16 kids have overtaken the SAW space and it’s something to behold (reams of comics out and it’s only day one!)

The start of our Fall 2019 class is fast approaching. It’s not too late to apply if you fancy a change, or know someone who is. Feel free to send questions through to SAW and consider putting your name down for an intensive year of comics!

If you know of any comics related events coming up, online, in Gainesville or anywhere in the world, feel free to let us know and we’ll put it on the list!

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