Comics, spagehetti traps and everyday life

With another week almost gone, we’re here to bring you the best from our Mighty Network. If you’re not yet part of our online community that never sleeps, you can sign up here and join the conversation anytime!

Aidan Koch,  The Elements of Painting.

Aidan Koch, The Elements of Painting.


We’ve got a bunch of comics inspiration for you this week! Starting with the Comics Workbook, an online magazine for comics makers and a great story by SAW favorite, Aidan Koch.

Our very own community member, Kate Lacour, has a regular diary comic up over at the Comics Journal. Read this great installment about working fromby home, butterflies and the ethical thing to do.


Tom found some great comics inspiration at SPX over the weekend including Skip by Molly Mendoza and Stages of Rot by Linnea Sterte


Thanks Emma Cook for sharing this online resource for finding the right agent to represent you. Tailor made for comics makers, it’s a great insight into a sometimes frustrating process and it points to a bunch of other resources.


The flow group has been working on creating maps that relate to their stories. From the wide scale birds eye view, to detailed points on the map, here is Donna’s great “Idea spaghetti traps”.

Donna Druchunas draws “Idea spaghetti traps”.

Donna Druchunas draws “Idea spaghetti traps”.


Here’s a lovely animated memoir-esque story about memory and family from the Atlantic - check out the wonderful blend of animation, sketch book pages, and audio.

And for those of you looking for resources to help with your writing, here’s an outlining technique from Laura Lippman.



Last week at SAW we had a visit from Australian comics artist, Campbell Whyte. Presenting to our year-long workshop and alumni, he described the making of his graphic novel Home Time. Read all about it, here.


We’ve got a few things coming up, both online and in person.

September 28 there’s a one-day comics workshop here in Gainesville for anyone looking to make a mini comic from start to finish.

In October we’ll be putting on a 24-hour comics day event in the studio on the 5th. Come down for 24-hours of grueling comics making

October 14-18, we’ll be hosting our regular low-residency week in Gainesville. There are still places available, find out more here.

On October 16, Tom’s ‘Going in for the snakes’ class will start again online. Sign up now!

Hopefully we’ll be seeing you soon, either online or in the studio!